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Patio Sliding Doors

  • All-uPVC multichamber design and triple-contact weatherstripping stand up to the toughest weather with amazing energy performance.
  • Patented vented-head system (optional) for fresh air in your home without unlocking the door. Completely hidden, easy to adjust, virtually maintenance-free.
  • Sturdy screen: rigid enameled aluminum alloy frame, self-cleaning tracks, anodized aluminum track built into sill, adjustable spring loaded suspension system.
  • Steel reinforced panels for door-panel stability and years of smooth, stable operation.
  • Patented self-lubricating sliding system features adjustable dual tandem wheels. Smooth, easy, quiet.

Configurations Available

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3 Panel

         4 Panel

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Entrance Doors

  • All-uPVC jambs won’t rust, rot, weaken, warp, or swell. All-uPVC door frames are airtight and watertight—no drafts, no leaks.
  • Freedom that fits your project: renovation or new construction; in-swing or out-swing; sidelites styles; glazing choice; your own hardware and accessories; virtually any entry door configuration. (lien vers Configurations dans cette section)
  • Multichamber design and multilayer weatherstripping for outstanding energy performance.

Frames: 7/8 in. frame thickness works with any new home or renovation. 4 9/16 in. frame for new construction, 2 in. extension jamb for 2-by-6 construction

  • Single entrance door
  • Double entrance door (1 or 2 operable panels)
  • 1 or 2 sidelites (glazing or lateral panels, fixed or operable)
  • Fixed or awning-type transom
  • French or garden door (2 operable panels)
  • Terrace door (center-hinged, one operable panel)
Configurations Available





Folding Doors
Large opening for outdoor living: 


Folding Sliding Door 1

Smooth running:
The folding sashes slide and
Fold very easily to a small lateral stack. Bring the outdoors in to any room and forming an ideal natural environment.

Secure Ventilation:
Millwood Industries doors, up to 7 sashes can be manufactured and incorporating with our Tilt & Turn system, offering an ideal draft free secure ventilation.

Optimum for daily use:
The main active door sash is independent from the folding sashes, made as Tilt & Swing-In door ideal for easy access day in and day out.

Folding Sliding Door 2

Folding Sliding Door 4

Folding Sliding Door 5