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Single Hung and Single Slider

Single Hung and Single Slider windows are the most popular windows that we produce.  Both windows have 2 sections of glass with one being fixed and the other operational.  The main difference between the two styles is that in a single hung window, the movable sash is pushed or lifted up in a vertical motion to open, while the single slider window moves from side to side in a horizontal motion.  On both styles of windows, the movable sash can easily be tilted to allow for easy cleaning.

Single Slider.jpg

Double Hung and Double Sliders

What separates the Double Hung/Slider from the Single Hung/Slider is simply that instead of having only one sash operational, now you have the option of opening both sashes.  This can be very advantageous from the point of view of cleaning.  Normally to clean the outside of the windows in a single hung/slider, one would have to go outside.  Not so, with a Double Hung/Slider where cleaning the outside of the windows are now simply done by flipping the sashes to the inside of the house and presto no more going outside or using tall ladders for two story homes.


Double Slider and double Hung.jpg double hung.JPG


Casement and Awning Windows

The casement/awning window is considered the Rolls Royce of our window series. The framing incorporates a dual rubber seal for maximum protection from heavy rains and for keeping out unwanted noise.  The main advantage of a casement window however, is not that it is so water and air tight but that when a casement window is opened, it’s almost as if not having a window there.  It allows maximum ventilation and allows one to take advantage of that open air feel.  The awning window is hinged from the top as opposed to the side like the casement window but its advantage is that it acts as a canopy in inclement weather and can be left partially open and still allow for ventilation.

 Aluminum Windows

Our aluminum window line was added after finding out that the market craved an affordable window that would outperform the usual louvre window system that was so predominant on the island.  This window is not recommended for any coastal areas but will suit homes on the interior of the island.  They come in 2 styles, single sliding and single hung and like the beauty of our upvc line, they can be custom made and therefore abandoning the need for adjusting masonry openings to suit “ready-made” windows, and in the long run, saving money.